“Whatever you imagine enlightenment to be, it’s something
else… As the seeker soon discovers in Rico Provasoli’s
account of misadventures in guru land.”

Tom Robbins, author of Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

“Rico Provasoli’s book about golf is a good one.”
-Michael Murphy, author, Golf In The Kingdom, co-founder, Esalen Institute

“Provasoli is a good story teller.” -Shambhala Publications

“Your writing shines in Please Don’t Tell My Guru.”
-James Rollins, bestselling author of Map of Bones, The Judas Strain 

“Please Don’t Tell My Guru is an entetaining romp.
Angelo, with premature mid-life crisis, manic libido,
and plenty of attitude, is an engaging character.”

-Barbara Kyle, author of The Experiments and
four other thillers published by Warner Books 

“Thank you for everything.
I have no complaints, whatsoever.” 
-Zen Mantra

Rico’s personal story Thank You For Everything
appears in Marci Shimoff’s new best seller Happy For No Reason.
2008 Simon & Schuster